Most anticipated games from PAX South

The packed exhibition hall at PAX South contains games, big and small. There are developers that lay claim to huge sections of the hall, with massive displays and giant monitors. There are others that are part of PAX Rising, the independent showcase geared towards smaller companies and development teams that might not otherwise show their games to audience this large.

One common attribute among many games at PAX South is that they are not yet available for sale. Many publishers are still testing their games, and using the conference for feedback and bug reporting. Spectators are left wanting more. Here are a few of those remarkable games scheduled for 2018.

Dauntless was one of the big games shown at PAX South. Big displays. Big monsters. Big lines. (See  Trends at PAX South.) The multiplayer game looks similar to Monster Hunter, where players track and kill large beasts. The game is currently in closed beta.

Tonight We Riot
Tonight We Riot immediately conjures images of Streets of Rage. However, the 8-bit styled brawler takes it to another level with the number of enemies. Play with your friends to destroy the fake dystopian future.

Aftercharge had an interesting premise: 3v3 combat, where one team is invisible and the other is invincible. It’s a capture the point game, where the invincible creators (they can be stunned or knocked down/out) defend against their invisible robot creations.

“Thnink Groundhog Day, the video game” said one of the developers of Omensight, referring to the classic 1993 movie starring Bill Murray. Omensight plays like a rogue like, but instead of gaining skills, you learned more pieces of the puzzle. One of the more beautiful games at PAX South.

Twang Motel
The booth for Twang Motel featured a guy wearing a cowboy hat playing with a fiddle offering matchbooks with their info on it to passers-by. Still, in the very limited screen shots they had, it looked like an intriguing game.

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