42 Concerts

“Where words fail, music speaks” – Hans Christian Andersen.

Music is our blood, pumping through our veins and giving us life. It moves us when we have no energy, consoles us when we’re depressed.

About 16 months ago, I embarked on a journey. It was shortly after David Bowie and Prince died, and the realization some of my favorite musicians wouldn’t be around much longer set in. Despite that, I had to force myself out of my apartment to see one of my favorite musicians, Sturgill Simpson in Milwaukee, despite winning free tickets. Why? I had no idea. But it got me thinking about how important music is in my life.

The show was incredible, one of the best I’ve seen in years. After the show, I decided I needed an excuse to see more music. So, I made one. I set a goal of 42 concerts by my birthday the next year. Why 42? It’s the answer to life, the universe and everything.

On my birthday, I attended concert number 42, in Taos, New Mexico. There were many days I though I would never hit my goal, including two days before. I saw shows in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Denver and many other cities. To say it was an insane year is an understatement. But that’s a much longer story for another day.

Until then, here is a playlist of some of the incredible bands I saw over that 15 months span. I also added a couple I saw after, because every story needs a prologue.

Jason is a writer and photographer. He has been published on Madison.com, Beloit Daily News, The Capital Times Mashable and CNN. You can follow him on Twitter @The_Dean.

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